Monday, March 11, 2013 First online laundry management system in the Philippines

image, the Philippines first online laundry management system, was just launched today. The website basically works by getting the user’s geo-location and providing the nearest laundry shops in the area. Lavandera also adds a unique feature that allows users to record what clothing pieces they’ve left on a specific shop so that customers and shop owners can have a list breakdown of what was accepted and what is to be claimed.

Lavandera is a web app that allows you to find laundry shops closest to you. It also allows you to manage laundries you sent. You can view the status of each laundry, from pick-up to delivery.


I got to preview the website prior to launch and it works really well. It prompted a request to enable location sharing and after that laundry shops listings populated the map. For a new site, it has a lot of readily plotted actual laundry shops but being just new, most of the laundry shops have yet to join the site to “claim” their shops.


By “claiming” their shops, laundry store owners can edit their profile and add contact details and address. The owner-specific account also allows shop operators to validate the customers list and also update the status of the laundry, whether is was just received, still drying, or being delivered.

Another helpful feature allows users to rate and leave a feedback for shops. Word of mouth advertising and actual field report from real customers is always a big help when deciding which laundry shop to choose. is making it clear that they are not accepting laundry’s themselves neither are they endorsing any shops :) They are just a portal for customers and shop owners to easily locate, manage and offer their services. is initially available as a web service but mobile specific app versions will be rolling out soon for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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