PLDT DSL Internet Woes

Our DSL connection these past few days have been slow. Connecting to web-mail took me at least 5 minutes and uploading/downloading to an FTP site was nearly impossible. The problem with that is I work from home and depend on my constant internet connection to do projects and converse with people online. So in a nutshell, having a homebased work setup, with no internet connection, was a bummer!

I noticed that the connection would peak at it's fastest speed in the morning usually 10:00am to 1:00pm and start to slow down during the afternoons.

I wish PLDT would fix their service. If this was from the taiwan earthquake which they said damaged some submarine cables (don't ask me) It should have been fixed by now since it happened a year ago!..oh was last week.

I hope our connection would normalize and stabilize asap...Did anyone of you have problems with your internet connection?


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  1. i am!! this problem is f*cking me up since dec 28, 1 am.. i had experienced normal connection after 3 days i guess but it went back to this slow connection.. i can't even visit zuneph.

    this post took me almost a lifetime...

  2. Can I ask what you are doing about it I am a foreigner in your country and I been complaining everyday I have even found the email of one of the directors and am now emailing and phoning him everyday but it seems everyone else is letting them get away with it Why Why Why do Filipino’s let them give you such bad service.
    PLDT gives your country what has got to be one of the worst internet services in the world. They sell you slow speeds telling you they are fast 512Kbs come on this is 2007 at the same price that the rest of the world pays for 19 times that speed but when you consider the cost of living is so low in your country you are in fact paying 10 times more, why even have 512kbs other countries started on 1mbs and that was 5 years ago.
    They tell you there was a break because of the earthquake when it was not broke it was damaged but still had 85% capacity yes it also affected Singapore and Hong Kong both of which had service back to normal in 24 hours nearly a month later Philippines is still not back to normal.
    It is believed up to 1 million jobs could be lost because of this I know many foreign companies have had enough they all say its bad normally if you have problems it takes for ever to get them to repair them plus the slow speed but this was the final straw enough is enough, they are moving out.

    I will tell you why you have such bad internet and slow internet its simple you let them give you bad internet you don’t stand up for your rights. I seen people on the internet saying oh they not refunding us we got to pay it. No you bloody well don’t they are under contract to give you a service if they don’t give you that service they are in breach of contract and must refund you if you use your internet for business you are intituled to claim loss of earnings.
    If a company done this in the UK they would go bankrupt no one there would pay and they would expect at least 3 months free to make up for the bad service.

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