Build you own MP3 player Sub/Speaker

If you want to create your own mini and modded sub/speaker for ANY mp3 player and in the mood to get your hands dirty. Or, you may have some extra stuff lying around the house like a used CD spindle case, Old-working speaker, screws, wires, tapes, may want to visit FadeproofOnline for a Do-It-Yourself guide on how to start this elcheapo mp3 player sub.


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  1. That really does look like an el cheapo speaker. Although I am curious as to how it sounds.

    By the way, does anybody here know how to build a portable amp for your headphones?

    I got a new pair of Grado SR60's two weeks ago and have been wanting to either buy or build a portable amp for it.

  2. Hi JC, I found this site DIY Portable Amp for Beginners. Might be a good read...

  3. An amp is always a good tool to use when using a portable device with any sort of speaker system. At the time I made this, I did not have the proper parts for the amp, so it's kinda half-assed :p

    - Robb

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