Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Zune Shirt Contest!

I'm giving away a free zune T-shirt on this blog via a simple contest, courtesy of Reboot Wear.

This contest is open to all, regular and new visitors of this site.

The rules is just simple, you can do any of the following to qualify:

  1. comment below a link to a useful zune tool / app / program / or hack that you think is great.
  2. or just register to Zune User Group (ZUG) that's it!

To get a higher chance of winning, link back at ZunePH using the following link and email zuneph@gmail your website address for me to verify the link. Use "Zune Philippines" linked to

Contest is open until I end it :) The sole winner will be randomly chosen by me.

You can pick up the item at Taft Area, CSB/DLSU area during Saturdays. Medium and Large size only (choose one) Sorry, no small size.

If you want me to ship the item to you, you can shoulder the 50 pesos shipping fee and this shirt will be shipped right to your doorstep! :) Good luck!

UPDATE: Due to the lack of sign up and/or comments (or lack of zune owners eheh), this contest will run until I find enough people to make the contest as challenging as possible. The winner will be randomly chosen, I don't know how yet, but I'll post what I did when I choose the winner.

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