Retro-Geek Shirts from Microsoft’s Softwear

In case you missed the title, it’s Softwear and not Software. get it? nice pun eh? :)

Microsoft is launching their own line of retro shirts focusing on the 80’s Microsoft era. This should help bolster the company’s image as it ushers “coolness” into the fashion arena.

The shirts are expected to be on sale on December 15. Price undisclosed.

I’m into geek-stuff and I love the concept and designs that ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky came up with.

Incidentally, at, we played with the word “firmware” making it “firmwear on one of our 2007 test prints.

I would love to wear one of these and show of some old-school support to MS-DOS or even Bill Gates (infamous Albuquerque mug shot) silkscreened for all to see. Now that’s creepy!

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