Monday, July 26, 2010

Collectibles Series: Hot Toys ALIEN Bust 1:4 Scale Collectibles Series will feature unique collectors items ranging from toys, gadgets, and other random treasures. Collectible provided by

Here is another bust from Hot Toys and this time it’s from the movie Aliens! The bust stands at approximately 12 inches on a partial alien torso. The paintwork and the intricate molding details are incredible.

If you liked the Predator bust we featured earlier, you’ll also probably like this one. This bust is now sold out on anywhere, maybe except eBay where it is selling for at least double or even triple its original price.

More photos after the jump.

The alien egg is glowing and cracking open…revealing the Alien inside…well..the box

Styrofoam ensures that the bust stays perfectly safe inside the packaging.

Inside the Aliens exoskeleton reveal the actual skull.

If you’re into collecting Hot Toys, might want to check out Hot Toys Philippines.

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