Microsoft Store’s panoramic display is awesome

The above Windows Phone 7 Mango motion graphic was created by Ryan Boyle for Microsoft. This 57000x1080 resolution video is being shown off the multiple large screen displays that wraps around the store. You can also check out his work on Skype wall.

Microsoft has recently been awarded a trademark for the design of its 14 Microsoft Store’s in the US. They are planning a rollout of 75 more stores in the coming months.

The mark consists of three-dimensional trade dress depicting the interior of a retail store with four curved tabletops at the front and rear side walls and a rectangular band displaying changing video images on the walls. The matter shown depicted in the drawing in broken lines is not part of the mark and serves only to show the continuous stream of changing video content on the video band and the position or placement of the mark. (

There is no Microsoft Store in the Philippines yet, as there is no official Apple Store either. It would be great if they would launch here and showcase a complete Windows Phone experience that, Smart’s JUMP, doesn’t seem to have. Add to that Xbox, PC’s and the Microsoft Surface. That would be a great shop attraction.

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