How to get a free iPod Nano 6th Generation


Want to get a free iPod Nano 6th generation? Simple! follow these quick and easy steps.

  1. Find an old 1st-gen iPod Nano. Ask neighbors, friends, strangers if they happen to have an old iPod Nano lying around. Probably say it’s for a science project or something… (the hardest part actually)
  2. Be sure that to check the serial number first to be sure it’s eligible for the iPod Nano Replacement Program.
  3. Go to your nearest apple store or authorized service center (like Power Mac Center)
  4. Have the service people check the unit and issue you a service report.
  5. Eligible? Send in for the replacement.
  6. Wait…wait…and wait. (Mine took almost 9 weeks)

Okay, so those were silly steps. In case you happen to have access to an old iPod Nano, try checking the serial by looking at the back or plugging it and checking via iTunes.

My Nano was a second-hand nano with a busted screen. I even showed how installed a new LCD and faceplate on an iPod Nano before. It actually looked new when I bought in at Power Mac so imagine the wonder of the technician there. I simply said that I wanted to turn it in because of the replacement program, I basically wanted a newer one. No questions asked, he took it from me, punched some data on his Mac and gave me a service report number.

I initially thought that Apple would change it for a similar model but pristine condition but reports came up that Apple was replacing it with current generation of nanos. Mine luckily was part of the latter batch and was replaced with a silver 8gb iPod Nano 6th generation… a real upgrade from the old 2gb 1st generation.

There’s really no problem with being honest that you want a new iPod, anyone would want a new iPod, just be sure that your unit is eligible first.

Good luck Nano hunting!

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