Zune 2.0 Leaked Photos! + Exciting announcement on June 1

These photos claim to show a first-gen Zune running a firmware 2.14 that can purchase and download tracks over Wi-Fi with Microsoft points. They come from the same friendly Zune source that sent us the first photos of Zune 2.0 that some readers thought were Photoshopped. I can't tell if this is merely a first-gen Zune showing just an image of a firmware/download screen, or the true thing. What do you think?

Source: Engadget

Well what do I think? I think these shots are not "photoshopped" images...If this would be proven a hoax then the hoaxer could've uploaded a JPEG image, which looks exactly like Zune's interface, getting the right dimensions and then playing the photo full screen.

its kinda like the DS system with WIFI both subscription and points are suported, and your account is tied to your zune furthermore, once you download a song of the to go marketplace, you can then send them to other once you have synched back with your PC, copying your downloaded files back to your HD, when it becomes a normal downloaded song.

But I believe the Zune Team got it right this time, giving the WIFI feature something REALLY useful to do... Here in the Philippines, I guess we won't be able to avail the Zune Marketplace downloads over-the-air but I hope we could intergrate the newer WIFI service for local hotspots and wireless signals (maybe transfer photos from a wifi-capable laptop to a Zune, that should be neat!)

If you look at the screen it shows a red note saying 2.1.4 Beta which presumably is the testing stage of this new device...The 472 digit beside the icon is the amount of Microsoft points the user has.


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  1. I really want to get a Zune, but I'm still having second thoughts. I might regret getting one now when the Zune 2.0 is just around the corner. What do you guys think?


  2. hi inkblotch!

    Hmm..I suggest you just wait for the Zune 2.0 or might as well wait for the flash-based one..Hopefully it will be introduced before the end of this year. No official word yet from Microsoft but I believe somethings big is coming up on November 14, Zune's launch date last year.

    So if you can wait that long, without any assurance of a 2nd-gen Zune on the horizon, wait nalang :)

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