ZunePH nominated for Best International Zune site

I was surfing Zunerama Forums today and stumbled something very interesting....very surpirsing...

Zune Philippines a.k.a ZunePH just got nominated for the Best international Zune site!! Wow! I never thought my simple blog can be nominted in an renowned Zune blog as big as Zunerama! Even though Zune has not officially launched here, it's making big waves in the international scene, just like the other international nominated blogs...

There are a number of categories for the "Golden Zune Award"

Golden Zune award: Vote for "Best Zune blog"
Golden Zune award: Best site for Zune hacks and mods
Golden Zune award: Vote for Best international Zune site
Golden Zune award: Vote for Best Zune technical site
Golden Zune Award: Best site for Zune humor
Golden Zune award: Vote for Best Zune forum

Well, if you find this site useful and nice! then by all means exercise your right to vote! :)

Goodluck to the nominees!

*pardon the digital trophy I took and edited myself...


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  1. Congrats on your nomination! Hey, I like your trophy... mind if I use it?
    Harvey / Zunerama

  2. Hi harvey! Sure you can use it. No problem! ;)

    Thanks for dropping by!

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