Monday, May 12, 2014

Is CD-R King really going to sell Google Glasses?

While Google Glass has yet to be publicly available (besides the one-day sale last time) CD-R King, the purveyor of cheap China-made goods, has teased on teir official Facebook page about the controversial eyewear.

CD-R king’s Facebook page posted the above picture with the message:

See Things Like You've never Seen Before. Look out for Google Glass in Cdrking store! A stylish and classy way to see your screen.
Google on the Go! SOON ON CDRKING . . .

While I personally doubt that it will be the official Google-branded Glass, I do think that CD-R King may be bringing in China-made wearables like watches and eyewear that function as a secondary screen and for some even a computer.  One thing that dissuades me from believing that it would be the official Glass is the current market price of $1,500. I doubt CD-R King’s clientele would be the target market for such a high-value device, specially considering the shop’s 7-day warranty spiel.

I’d like to be proven wrong, but I still don’t get the appeal of Glass in all honesty. I am not a Glass-fan as a daily wearable as I really see no need for such a device into mass consumer hands besides enthusiasts and special uses. I’m not a privacy nut and really don’t care about it’s video and photo shooting capabilities, It’s just that the product doesn’t address any problems right now and its promise to augment and improve daily experiences doesn’t really resonate with me as I think it’ll just do the opposite.

Updated: 5/14/14

Facebook deleted the said post and added this one:

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